Our dogs live with us in the house, we don't hold them in kennels.

Our dogs are fully family members, they are every time with us and we take them everywhere, and they love it to be on the move with us. The Miniature Bullterrier is a very social dog, he loves to be with his owner, no matter where. Thats a big point why we are so in love with this breed.

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  Imogen in the NL 2014                                                                                   Me with my first litter 2016

Since our second litter we raise our puppies after the Puppy Culture programm after Jane Killion, for more information take a look on her homepage.

Our highest bid ist the health, we want to give some nice people the chance to get a healthy Mini, to love him and take him as a family member forever. Thats why all our dogs and their breeding partners are fully health tested for: PLL, LAD, LP, Thyroid, BAER Test, Eye examination (ECVO), Heart doppler, Kidney doppler, UPC Test and Patella Luxation. They have no skin issues and no allergies.

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                            Our first litter 2016. From left to right: Alborosie Imogen, Augustus Pablo & Alpha Blondy

We want to breed closely to the FCI Breed Standard so we pay a lot of attention to the mating partners, we don't breed close to a line breed, also we don't want to make litter repetitions. We take good care on the stud partners and that the lines of both fit together.

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One of the most important things for us is the look like of our Minis, the correct size, with a compact body, well made front and lovely expression which shows the self-confidence of this lovely breed.

A typey and well filled head with the typical „Downface", which makes the typical bullterrier look and the correct scissors bite are our aims. 

The typey Mini Charakter should not be forgotten, we love this little self-confidence, active, sociable and funny fellows. Everyone who knows the Miniature Bullterrier, could imagine what I mean, and we want that you could see that clearly in our progeny.


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              Rebel Spirit Imogen 4 months old at her first show. She won Best Puppy female & Best white Miniature Bullterrier in show.


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